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2022-07-30 04:22:16 By : Ms. Linda Yan

Amazon Prime Day Sale 2022: 7 Best baby care essentials to shop for from the sale

Amazon Prime Day sale is valid only for limited hours and this is your last day to grab everything you ever wanted at slashed prices. These baby care essentials with up to 60 percent off are on the Prime Day sale list which will enable you to grab them at a price drop! So gift your niece, nephew and friend’s newborn with these baby products right away!

Scroll on to grab the best deals from the mega sale event on Amazon.

1. Wabi Babi Infant Body Lotion 

Crafted from 100 percent natural and organic ingredients, this body lotion protects the skin and also keeps it healthy. The fast-absorbing formula nourishes the skin and prevents the lotion from dripping down. Its rich organic composition is the most appropriate for soft and delicate skin. The lotion is anti-irritant, anti-inflammatory, and an effective moisturiser. Infused with the goodness of olive oil and sahjan oil, it locks in moisture instantly. 

2. Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Moisture Cream 

This fragrance-free moisture cream is specially made for your baby’s dry and sensitive skin. It ​​helps prevent and protect your baby’s skin from dryness and temporarily prevents chafed, chapped or cracked skin. With soothing natural Colloidal Oatmeal complex, it is good for anti-itch and baby eczema. 

Once the baby comes one of the most significant roles in your life will be played by wipes! As there are several baby wipes on the market, choosing the one that’s soft and allergen-free can be a little confusing. These plant-based wipes with high water retention potential are highly recommended for neat and clean usage.

4. Blue Nectar Baby Lotion 

Baby’s skin is not the same as adults and tends to get dry very quickly. Dry and scaly skin can give rise to other skin issues and infections. Ghee has been praised as a natural moisturiser in Ayurvedic text. Not only does it retain moisture in the skin but also strengthens the skin barrier. Specially formulated with carefully chosen herbs and oils, it can soften and heal the skin and may prevent further skin infections. 

A swaddle wrap is a must to carry your baby or to put them to sleep comfortably. The adjustable sleep sacks have soft fabric wings that fasten securely with velcro hook and loop attachments to create a perfect fit and cosy feeling and help your newborn sleep safe and sound.

6. The Moms Co. 24 Hour Skincare Starter Kit

This skincare set consisting of under-eye cream, face serum and cream is for you. To help your sleep-deprived and tired face with some soothing care and nourishment, each product works together to stimulate the production of collagen and reduce fine lines and wrinkles and get back your fresh glowing face.

This baby sleeping bag and baby mattress with net,supported with cotton outside and inner filling with recon gives a soft and comfortable zone to your little ones. The soft sleeping bag helps you to hold your baby and take it into the comfort zone while the mosquito net allows fresh air to breeze in while blocking out insects and mosquitoes.

As a new mom, you must be struggling with a lot of issues. Learning how to swaddle, changing nappies and burping the baby is a tedious process that only a new mom can understand. You also have to ensure you are using the safest products for your baby’s sensitive skin. These products from Amazon Prime Day Sale will definitely be of help to take care of your baby.

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