• Modular Construction Technology Comes Far and Fast During the Pandemic – Commercial Observer

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    Six years ago, 461 Dean Street — then and now the nation’s tallest modular apartment building at 32 stories — opened its doors on Flatbush Avenue in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. The 363-unit tower had been p

  • Human trafficking victims and one-month-old baby: Florida and Texas migrant transports carried more than a dozen babies Pipa News | PiPa News

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    Human trafficking victims and one-month-old baby: Florida and Texas migrant transports carried more than a dozen babies

    Last week, Republican governors of Florida and Texas sent more than a dozen migrant children, including a one-month-old baby, on highly controversial plane and bus trip

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    One Venezuelan couple slept on a sidewalk after a perilous trip through seven countries with their baby. After two days in El Paso, they boarded a city-funded charter bus to New York City.

    by Uriel J. García Sept. 20, 20

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    In a dank basement behind the local supermarket, metal bars cordon off a corner of the room to form a large cell. A dirty sleeping bag and duvets show three sleeping spots on top of sheets of Styrofoam for insulation from the damp earth floor. In the corner, two black buckets served as toilets

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    Deegan-Ripon Memorial Chapel111 Palm AveRipon, CA

    Alice Brown January 15, 1927 - September 17, 2022 Ripon, California - Alice Kinder Brown was the third of three children born in El Paso, Texas on January 15, 1927 & entered eternal rest peacefully in the presence of her family

  • A Hot Girl’s Guide to Enjoying Fall | Her Campus

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    I love summer: the longer days, the warm nights, the packed-out darties and live music festivals. Summer is an absolute serotonin booster, so you could understand why it's difficult for me to cope with the bitter winds and the eerily quiet nights that accompany the fall and winter seasons.

  • Girl Scouts Celebrate their Love of the Outdoors | News | cnhinews.com

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    A mainly sunny sky. High 87F. Winds light and variable..

    Clear skies. Low 61F. Winds light and variable.

    Girl Scouts from Huntsville, Willis and the greater Houston area enjoyed a weekend of camping and fun activities at Huntsville State Park durin

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    From minis to maxis, there’s a classic winter dress to suit every style. These are the best to buy this year.

    Long gone are the days when winter dressing was dreary and uninspiring. Now, in addition to the conviviality, winter brings with it an abundance of sartorial flair. What we mis

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    Looking for the best family-friendly hotels in London? Here’s our guide to all the best family-friendly stays in the capital. 

    Whether you’re lookin

  • A home cooked meal - The Trek

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    We were in luck and enjoyed a nice night in the shelter by ourselves.  This will hopefully be the norm going forward, with the exception being on weekends as the summer is long gone as are the NOBOs. The bugs were almost nonexistent and we had heard owls calling late last night as well as a b