5 Fall 2022 Jewelry Trends That'll Spice Up Any Outfit

2022-09-17 05:30:34 By : Mr. Sales Manager

Sprinkle these on for a little extra extra.

The first-ever soft life summer may be coming to a close, but soft life fall is nothing new. As soon as Sept. 1 pops up on the Google Cal, I dive right back into my worn-in pile of touchable knits and butter-soft leather from the year before, regardless of the temperature outside. Though micro trends change from year to year, you can always count on certain cozy classics (like sleeping bag sweaters, jumbo-knit beanies, and massive sweatshirts a la Ariana Grande) to top your shopping list.

Don’t abandon the spicy vibes of summertime just yet, however. Because (PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT!) you can do both at once — embody the laid-back, comfy autumnal aesthetic while looking fresh-from-the-runway chic. All it takes is the right accessories. Punchy jewelry styles — like chunky metallic bangles, bright heart baubles (an Olivia Rodrigo favorite), and perennial seashells, to name a few — will work overtime to turn even the lumpiest emotional support sweater into a full-on ’fit.

Layer any — or every, if that’s your thing — one of these celebrity-approved fall jewelry trends over your typical jeans-and-a-blazer ensemble for an immediate elevation in style. Ahead, peruse five statement-making details that will make last year’s look feel so freakin’ fresh.

If the category is dopamine dressing, massive, heart-shaped necklaces would top the list. These whimsical accessories add a touch of playfulness (and a boost of serotonin) to every look they accompany. Pair a simple metallic style with a polished suit, however, and the kitschy aesthetic turns suddenly chic — a versatile statement necklace that truly does it all.

Going hand-in-hand with the early aughts Ed Hardy motif, ornate cross jewelry is back once again. The entire Kardashian-Jenner family has been at the forefront of this resurgence, thanks in part to Kourtney Kardashian’s recent wedding in Italy. Beyond the bling, religious symbols are cropping up on evening wear and even nail art. Worn with ’00s-style ensembles, the look feels like something out of a 2009 Buckle (a trendy aesthetic among Gen Z TikTokers). Paired with elegant staples, however, these heavy duty jewels will give your whole ensemble an air of opulence.

Though the fashion girlies are mostly shopping vintage for this trend, you can find some ’80s-inspired designs online at some of the hottest jewelry brands. Style yours solo with equally vintage earrings, or layer it over a modern neck stack for a take that feels now.

On Instagram, fashion’s most elite celebrities — including Anitta at the recent MTV VMAs — have been wearing heavy, silver cuffs with little else, allowing the statement piece to really make a statement. Paired with ball gowns, bikinis, or your everyday ensemble, metallic bangles offer the futuristic punch you’ve been missing in your heavily Y2K-inspired wardrobe.

Beloved by Beyoncé, Gigi Hadid, and even Queen Elizabeth II, aquatic baubles are only gaining traction in the fashion space. No longer confined to the summer months, shellfish-inspired bling will continue to trend through fall and beyond — from amorphous pearls and massive scallop shells to fashion’s favorite cowrie charm necklaces. Be warned: If worn with overly nautical pieces, this look can feel cheugy. Instead, layer them with edgy pieces or cool streetwear for an unexpected contrast.