Amarillo Haunted House Launching Live Scare Cam You Can Watch

2022-09-17 05:33:25 By : Ms. Josie Wu

Halloween is around the corner. That means costumes, candy, and a lot of spooky fun. One haunted in house in town has already embracing the spirit of the holiday in a pretty fun and imaginative way.

An Amarillo haunted house is launching a live scare cam you can watch online.

On YouTube, a video was streamed live yesterday (9/14) from one of our local haunted houses. The video shows the setup of a street-side scare that will give a jump to any overly curious passersby.

The video starts out with the scare being set up. It's a pretty simple premise.

Early in the video you see someone walk by, and they keep doing the double take and never act on their curiosity.

It takes a while once the scare is set up, but finally at about the 30:10 mark someone  takes the bait. It pays off well.

The inquisitive individual jumps, gets a nice rush of adrenaline, and then power-walks away as quick as possible without drawing anymore attention to

I have to hand it to 6th Street Massacre. They're never content to just sit back and let every Halloween be the same. They're always finding new ways of giving us what we want this time of year.

If you want to see more, be sure and subscribe to their YouTube channel by following this link. You can also get their schedule for this year by checking out their website by following this link. Their website says they open up Sep 30.