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2022-07-23 04:40:08 By : Mr. Tommy Peng

By Megan Peters - July 6, 2022 05:58 pm EDT

Pokemon knows what fans want, and more often than not, it is a nap. Sure, Pokemon Sleep might still be in production in the shadows, but the franchise has put out all sorts of goodies to lure fans into sweet sleep. And now, Snorlax is joining in on the effort with their own comfy sleeping bag you're going to want ASAP.

For those who don't know, GameStop just nabbed one of the best Pokemon exclusives, and it was made with nappers in mind. After all, the brand has created its own Snorlax sleeping bag, and the exclusive Geeknet creation is as comfy as it is cute.

"Catch the ultimate night of Zzz's with the world's greatest sleeper, Snorlax. Soft, cushy, and snuggly, the Snorlax Sleeping Bag is perfect for sleepovers, but also just as fun at home. Sweet dreams come easy as you cuddle with Snorlax's huggable pillow head and climb into the cozy, full-zip body. Add this sleeping bag to your Pokemon collection today and get ready to sleep like Snorlax tonight," the product's description reads.

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At about 75-inches tall, the Snorlax sleeping bag was made with comfort in mind. Perfect for use at home or at sleepovers, this snuggly gift is incredibly soft to the touch, and it includes a huggable Snorlax pillow for good measure. This is the kind of gift Pokemon fans dream about, and now, GameStop has the piece up for sale.

Normally, the sleeping bag retails for $130 USD, but it is on sale for $90 right now. You can even save extra if you sign up to become a GameStop Pro member during checkout. And of course, shipping is free on this order as GameStop waives the fee for purchases over $40. 

Do you want to add this bit of Pokemon merchandise to your collection? Or are you holding out for a different nap sack? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

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