Doctor Group Says Don’t Use Weighted Baby Swaddles or Blankets

2022-09-17 05:16:58 By : Mr. Mike Ma

The American Academy of Pediatrics has released guidance on safe-sleeping environments for infants—and it is recommending that parents avoid using weighted swaddles or blankets for babies under the age of 1. “Babies’ chest walls are softer than adults’, and they often take smaller and faster breaths,” Dr. Funke Afolabi Brown told BabyCenter. “A weighted blanket or swaddle may restrict their ability to breathe effectively, which could be quite dangerous. We need more studies on these types of products to see if they actually impact sleep duration, if they’re safe for sleep, and, if so, what weight is appropriate.” The AAP also says babies should not sleep in the same bed as their parents or on inclined surfaces and recommends that no decorations be used in cribs.