2022-09-24 06:37:29 By : Ms. Helen H

If you own a mid-size pickup truck, there’s a chance you might be interested in a camper trailer. While some folks prefer to camp with an old-school tent and sleeping bag, a camper can really take things to the next level. And depending on how much your pickup can tow, there’s likely a camper out there that will work for your specific needs. So, which camper trailers are best for mid-size trucks?

With a dry weight of 2,600 pounds, this camper is one that most mid-size pickups should be able to handle. The main purpose of this trailer is for those who enjoy to off-road their truck. There’s even a heavy-duty D-ring if you ever need to recover your camper trailer. Now, this is not the cheapest option. Its MSRP is $53,696, depending on which features you choose to add. 

The Vorsheer boasts a cooking space, rooftop tent, and it can handle 3,600 lbs in max weight. For added comfort, it does come with a water heater and outdoor shower. Both of which are ideal for when you are going on a weekend camping adventure.

If you are looking for a budget camper, this one might be best. At $14,800, it does bring quite a bit to the table. Its dry weight comes in at 1,150 lbs, and its maximum capacity is 2,200 lbs. This trailer has a traditional teardrop shape that does look pretty sleek. You should also be able to fit a queen-sized bed inside to keep you away from the elements while camping. 

This camper trailer will also be one the cheaper options on this list. Even though you do have to pay over $10k to get one new. But for that, you get an electric fan with screened windows for better ventilation. Plus, you can opt for an available skylight. 

It might be quite the mouthful, but this might be one of the best campers on the market. And you should be able to tow it with your mid-size truck, depending on how you pack. Its dry weight comes in at 1,458 lbs, and it can handle up to 2,400 lbs in total. 

The inside is fairly versatile. Perhaps one of the greatest features is the fact that the sleep area can be converted for different uses. In terms of cost, expect to pay about $25k. Which isn’t cheap, but if you want a good camper trailer for your mid-size truck, it’s going to cost you. 

Depending on how much a camper trailer weighs, you shouldn’t have major issues with towing. According to Camper Report, consulting your owner’s manual is a great way to see how much your truck can tow. The last thing you want to do is put your mid-size pickup at risk. Your vehicle’s VIN should also show how much your truck is rated to tow. 

At the end of the day, most mid-size trucks can tow a camper trailer. And oftentimes, modern pickups offer tech to help with towing.

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