Rocky Horror Shadowcast In Lubbock To Kick Off Halloween Season

2022-09-17 05:17:07 By : Mr. Max Liu

Here's a chance to have some fun, and learn what a "shadowcast" is.

I had never heard the term "shadowcast" until I saw the event below. Just to be 100% sure I looked up the term to be sure. The best definition comes from the Urban Dictionary because it actually references this phenomenon in relation to Rocky Horror:

A group of people that performs a movie in front of a screen while that movie is playing; they essentially pantomime the movie. Most often seen during showings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

So now that you know "what" is going to happen, let's chat a little about the movie.

My love for Rocky Horror knows no bounds. I even think that a large degree of my acceptance of other people comes from multiple screenings of Rocky Horror. The message "Don't Dream It, Be It" is one of the best lessons that you could possibly learn (although it ultimately doesn't work out for Dr. Frankenfurter). The film grows on you after multiple viewings (did you ever notice the shape of the handles in the operating room?). The music is also catchy as heck with "Sweet Transvestite" and "Time Warp" leading the way, along with the aforementioned, "Don't Dream It, Be It".

I can only imagine the fun of acting the movie out under the screen or taking part in the joy thereof. I would recommend this to anyone. Heck, I never even heard the story of the "Sword Of Damocles" until I saw Rocky Horror and ended up looking it up. Get the rest of the details on the showing below: