Star Trek Inspired Pottery Barn Line Brings Home the Final Frontier

2022-09-17 05:14:07 By : Mr. Peter Jiang

Boldy go to Pottery Barn!

Star Trek has brought joy to the lives of so many and while many of us have had our own Starfleet branded things, Pottery Barn Teen has now announced a new line for their collection that includes everything the Trekkie in your life could want. It is only the kind of collection that makes the adult side of my brain question whether or not I'm too old for Star Trek-inspired sheets.

"Engage! Our Star Trek collection has arrived. Full of iconic ship details and collectible pieces, it's made for true fans," the description for the collection reads. The collection goes on to have sections titled "Never stop exploring" with more descriptions of the collection. "Discover Starfleet-approved designs that celebrate the wonders of the final frontier." And under the "Be Bold" section reads: "Let your space shine with vibrant lighting and eye-catching decor."

Just when you think it's your run-of-the-mill collection, the Pottery Barn Teen Star Trek line includes a wide range of products that will give every Trekkie their dream Starfleet experience. From a light-up sleeping bag to a slim water bottle with the design of the USS Enterprise on it, the collection is a celebration of the franchise while also bringing that sleek Trek look to life.

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You can deck your entire room out as Starfleet commands with bedding, lamps, a fuzzy white pillow that reads Spock's iconic line of "Live Long and Prosper" alongside Starfleet-inspired pajamas and so much more. And while yes, this can feel like the kind of collection geared to those of us nerds who will shell it out to have a Star Trek room, it's still pretty awesome.

The love for Trek knows no bounds. Whether you're a fan yourself or you know someone in your life who knows and loves the franchise, it is something that we can all share together and seeing the Enterprise on a cool lap geared towards teenagers, meaning the love of Star Trek is still raging on in the young generations, is pretty cool to see.

One of the best parts of the collection is, however, the Enterprise mural for your wall because when you think of exploring and reaching for your dreams, nothing is quite as inspirational as the lessons we've learned aboard the Starship Enterprise with its crew on the bridge. You can order the collection on and if anyone wants to buy me that Spock pillow, let me know.

Rachel Leishman is a writer who specializes in yelling about her favorite properties. A real-life Leslie Knope, she loves her fictional characters and knows probably too much about Harrison Ford's career.

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