Wilderness Survival Items Even Bear Grylls Would Envy - 22 Words

2022-09-24 06:42:15 By : Mr. Jason Tse

I love leaving the civilized world behind to get lost for a few days in a desert, forest, or mountain. It’s energizing, exhilarating, and helps me forget about my boss for a while. We can all use some time away from our day-to-day lives but if we’re not careful, we may easily find ourselves lost in the middle of nowhere wishing someone was around to lend a hand and get us to safety.

Survival comes down to preparation. If you take the right stuff with you each time you go into the wild, you may survive even if you don’t have Bear Grylls guiding you. So before you head out on your next adventure be sure to pick up some essential survival products. Whether you opt for a waterproof compass that can guide you out of the thickest forest, a water filter so you can stay hydrated, an emergency sleeping bag you can hold in your hand , or any of the other items on our list, you’re bound to find your perfect survival products for wherever your adventure takes you

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Surviving outdoors requires courage and stamina, but it also needs planning. Be ready for an emergency night in the middle of nowhere with this sleeping bivy. This essential survival  product will help ensure that you won’t freeze and you’ll wake up dry in  the morning ready to continue your adventure

Sometimes the ground is not the safest place to rest and if it is teeming with critters, I prefer to spend a night suspended in a hammock between two trees. Grab this great value option and spend the night safely above ground.

When surviving in the wild, it’s vital that you can see your way in the darkness.  A working flashlight is an absolutely essential survival product for any trip into the outdoors. If something goes wrong, you can feel better knowing you will be able to light up the way.

Some animals won’t go near you if you keep lights on and they prefer to remain in darkness. Grab this lantern and it should help keep animals away on your next hike or camping trip.

You can wrap a hammock around a tree trunk but sometimes they can slip and come loose during the night, so you may need a more secure option. This hammock kit is an essential survival product as it allows you to securely bolt a hammock to a tree or other surfaces and be sure your hammock stays in place.

You may think hiking only requires your legs but if you go on long, steep hikes, you quickly realize grabbing these hiking poles and putting your arms to work along with your legs helps immensely. Grab these poles today to help you speed through your next adventure.

Being out in the wild, it gets hot and sweaty. Prevent burning sweat in your eyes, skin irritations, or possible infections by keeping yourself clean and dry with this handy self-cleaning washcloth.

While these carabiners won’t hold your weight they are still an essential survival product.  . I use them to keep things handy like small flashlights, a compass, and a small knife, ensuring that I can access my vital tools quickly.

Any hike can become an overnighter if you make just one wrong turn and find yourself off-trail. It happened to me not too long ago, and I was certainly glad I had this pillow with me. I woke up in the morning without neck pain and backtracked my way home under the light of day.

Shelter is vital when you’re in the wild. It can protect you from wildlife and the elements so that you have the energy needed to continue your adventure the next day. This pop-up tent is the perfect survival product as it can attach to your backpack and it sets up quickly when you need it.

This cooler bag is an essential survival product if you want to keep your food dry and cool. On your next adventure, you ay need to cross a creek or secure your food for the night. With this waterproof bag, you’ll know your food will survive your adventure and be kept cool

In a survival emergency, you may think mosquitoes are the least of your concerns but waking up with irritating bites all over your body is enough to slow you down all day at a time when it matters you move quickly. Keep the bugs off you with this net.

Sometimes you need to keep your survival products close to you at all times. This belt will let you keep your essentials at hand, so you can easily grab whatever your adventure calls for.

These safety lights could help save your life. I carry this vital survival product with me each and every time I plan a trip to the great outdoors in case something goes wrong and I find myself needing to signal for help.

In times of need, water can save your life in multiple ways. This bottle is a vital survival product as it can be used to drink out of but you can also use it as a mister when the temperature climbs and you need to stay cool

I take plenty of short day hikes but I never go out there without a backpack carrying the essentials. Even on a marked trail in a busy park, you can find yourself lost and off-trail faster than you realize, so I use this backpack to keep my essential survival products with me at all times.

Sometimes you need to set up a space to sleep or rest but you don’t have a tent. This tarp is an essential survival product, as it will keep you dry in those emergency situations. Simply set it up above you and watch the rain fall around you while you stay safe and dry until it eases up.

Whether it’s to stay warm or to cook a meal, fire can keep you alive until you make your way back to civilization. Take these fire starters with you so you don’t have to spend time and energy trying to start a fire with only sticks and leaves.

We all know that in an emergency, we can get the spark to start a fire with a flint or a couple of rocks and sticks, but this takes some skill. I prefer to hike prepared for anything and having a fully charged electric lighter saves me time and energy and ensures I can always get a fire started when needed.

The longer you have to stay out in the desert, mountain, or forest, the higher the chances you will get a cut or two. Prevent infections and treat those cuts immediately with these alcohol pads, which are vital survival products to keep in your first aid kit.

Frostbite is painful and has taken its toll on countless climbers and hikers. You probably have warm hiking socks on your feet but you should have a set of these gloves in your pack to keep your hands warm just in case you find yourself spending an unexpected night outdoors.

We all know animals like wolves and bears have a sense of smell that is many times superior to our own. This smell-proof case for your food is an essential survival product as bears and other creatures won’t smell your delicious food and start a surprise picnic with your lunch.

It’s easy to be out on a hike or rock-climb and hurt your wrist. This wrap is an essential survival product as it can immobilize your wrist and help relieve your pain until you can make your way to medical assistance.

It’s no secret that the multi-tool is one of the most important survival products in anybody’s arsenal. This one consists of 12 tools to help you through a wilderness adventure. Take one on your next trip and be ready for anything your adventure throws your way.

Depending on your adventure may find yourself in positions where you need to use both feet and both hands but still need to illuminate the way ahead of you. Keep this head lamp tucked away in your bag and you’ll always be able to see your way.

The thing about going on an adventure is in the wild is that you never know what you will find. Trails are often maintained but once you’ve gone off-trail, you may need to cut your way through thick brush and dry, thorny branches. This makes this saw an essential survival product as you can cut your way through anything the forest throws at you.

In a survival situation, a tactical bowie knife may be the difference between your life and death. It can help you catch and prepare food, start a fire, clear a path, make shelter, and much more, so be sure to have this key survival product with you on your next adventure.

If you’re like me, your knees hurt after a long time walking up and down steep trails. The pain can only get worse if you find yourself lost. Grab this knee ice pack when you head out to bring some temporary relief to your knees.

Whether you’re preparing a fish you just caught or trying to clear a path through thick brush, you should protect your hands. Cuts and scrapes can cost you dearly in the wild and lead to infection. Wear these gloves to protect yourself from whatever your adventure throws your way.

You can only carry so much clean water with you on your adventure. This hand filter is an essential survival product as it cleans any water you collect while out there so that you can stay hydrated with clean water.

The weather can change quickly on a hike. Having one of these ponchos in my backpack has saved me on multiple occasions. Whether it’s staying dry in the rain, blocking out the sun to prevent sunburn, or even general wind protection, a poncho is a lifesaver.

It’s important to keep your cell phone and other electronics charged even in the wild. This device will help you power your devices through your adventure, meaning you can keep in touch with loved ones and snap the perfect photos to share your adventure on social media. 

You risk getting injured each time you take a trip to the outdoors. When it happens, you may not be near a doctor and this emergency first aid kit could save your life. Always be prepared and keep this essential survival product in your backpack.

The difference between surviving in the wild and not most often comes down to preparation. Grab this survival kit and be prepared for just about anything that could happen while you’re out hiking, camping, fishing, or doing anything else outside.

An expert survivalist has to be able to provide themselves with sustenance. This cooking set is an essential survival product as it includes a pot to cook along with two bowls to eat your warm meal from.

We need water to survive, but clean water isn’t always easy to find in the middle of the wilderness. This straw is an essential survival product to take with you on your adventures as it allows you to safely drink from pretty much any water source.

There are few surival products more basic for anybody planning a trip to the wilderness than a compass. Should you lose your way or get separated from your group, it could be the tool that gets you back to civilization, so grab one today to ensure you can always find your way.